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Anode Preparation Systems

Product Overview

  • Suitable for both small and large operations
  • Available with capacities of 150-550 anodes per hour
  • Can accommodate the demands of the largest electro-refining copper plants in the world
  • Available as either linear-style lower capacity system or small-footprint rotary dial high capacity system

Rotary Dial Systems – Up to 550 APH

  • The fastest, smallest APM in the world
  • Based on the same operation stations as the linear unit
  • Compact, high-speed servo driven rotary dial transfer and horizontal anode orientation
  • Reduced transfer times and processing speeds
  • Reduced installation time and cost

Linear Systems – Up to 350 APH

  • Small footprint
  • Mechanical simplicity for easy maintenance
  • A modular, flexible design allows you to include additional operation stations after initial installation
  • Bottom supported anodes
  • Minimal hydraulics and greater use of servomotors

Linear Systems – Up to 350 APH

Available with a variety of operation stations and options:

  • Bundle splitting
  • Lug pressing
  • Face milling
  • Anode delivery
  • Anode receiving
  • Body pressing
  • Lug milling
  • Anode spacing
  • Anode inspection
  • Rejection


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