MODIFICATION LAW OF THE BAG. Reduces the weight of manual handling loads. Therefore, workers should not operate loads greater than 25 kilos, in: lifting, positioning, pushing, traction, bearing or displacement.

EMPLOYERS have the responsibility to avoid manual manipulation of loads, and that, in their organization, suitable means, especially mechanical, are used to carry out the work.

IONIC has worked for more than 19 years in mining, delivering machinery to support the relocation of cathodes, such as sorting and rejection, assembly, weighing, enzunching and labeling of packages. Becoming the strategic ally for adaptability to compliance with the law.


Price Includes:
01 Robot 500 CPH / 02 HD Camera Scanner Cathodes with Learning SoftwareNew / PLC Last Generation / 02 Classification Tables.
Heavy Device / Enclosed Device / Labeling Device / Packet Array Conveyor / Packet Delivery Station.

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